Museum expositions are located in three floors:

  1. Basement ground floor
  2. The first floor
  3. The second floor

Basement ground floor

On June 25, 2010 opened the new exposition exposed in a basement ground floor of the museum.

Before you one of the exposed expositions devoted to cabins of payphones and payphone devices, since the middle of XXth century.

There were exposed expositions devoted to measuring technics, communication cables used at XXth century and the sphere library. Nowadays, there are more than 800 technical literatures at the library.

 The first floor expositions

 In the central part of the museum located a bullock cart with the horse by means of it was carried out a long-distance transportation of mail in XVII-XVIII centuries.

The second floor expositions

 The Exposition Hall of the second floor opens with the composition devoted to the history of development of the communications and information, formalized under the “Development tree”. The “Development tree” shows the all stages of development of communications sector, beginning from the transfer of information through messengers, pigeon mails, campfire and smoke signalling, the initial period of development the mail service, telephone, telegraph, radio, television and by the present day – that is an e-mail, Internet, mobile communication, interactive television, and etc.

The all exposition of a museum are constructed in compliance with the “Development tree”.

“Development tree”

Museum expositions

The special place in the museum is extracted to the achievements of the sector during the independence years; the development of new technologies and telecommunication facilities, opening of new enterprises of sector, operability and dynamism of the all system completely. There are the mobile communication companies, banking establishment “Aloqabank”, and the Insurance Company “Alskom”, massmedia – newspaper of sector “Xabar”, magazine “”, SUE “” and many other enterprises established during the independence of Uzbekistan.

The Museum expositions are devoted to the achievements of communication sector in the independence years